“Undersea World”
Undersea World Panel

by Skip Saunders

Price:$4500 SOLD

Red Cedar, Paint (50”x38”x2”)

The Undersea World – Far beneath the surface of the ocean is a land much like the earth, inhabited by people resembling humans. The mysteries of the undersea world are known to the Bella Coola chiefly through accounts handed down from generation to generation. Qomoqwa is the lord of the supernatural ones beneath the ocean. He lives in an enormous house under the sea wherein the fish, the sea-mammals, and the sea-plants have their home. In the beginning of time, this house sometimes rose to the surface of the water and adventurous Bella Coola entered it on various occasions, leaving to their descendents tales of the wonders it contained. Some of these tales describe paintings of sea creatures around the walls and the manner in which these are brought to life by Qomoqwa. (McIlwraith)

In his panel “The Undersea World” artist Skip Saunders has created a work reminiscent of the paintings in Qomoqwa’s house. In this depiction Qomoqwa looks out over his world with the humpback whale in front and the octopus and the grey whale below. Today these creatures are brought to life by the creative force of the artist and those who view his work with an active imagination.